TMD Triage: One Hour of Intensive, Personal Adjustment Coaching


TMD Triage: One Hour of Intensive, Personal Adjustment Coaching


CURRENTLY CLOSED - I work full time as a writer and I'm a bit too busy to book these right now. I'll make sure to share on my social media pages when slots open again! (It will likely be January 2018) Hang in there! In the meantime, remember to reach out to therapists, nutritionists and physical therapists in your area, especially any trained to deal with the mental and emotional sides of chronic illness.

In this one on one, intensive phone call (slots open every Tuesday in June and July) you'll leave with a filled out workbook of concrete steps and measurable goals you can begin working toward to improve your life.

This mini life-coaching session is for you if:

  • you know you have to change your diet, exercise, career or social life due to a chronic illness diagnosis and you simply don't know how to begin
  • a loved one suffers from TMD-related chronic pain and you want more information so you can stay connected to them and help them adjust 
  • you've been diagnosed and you're following doctor's orders, but you just don't have a clue where to begin addressing the other aspects of your illness (or how to deal emotionally with the idea that this is long-term or permanent)
  • you're so paralyzed with fear over the possible news of a life-changing diagnosis, you've simply continued about life as normal. Maybe you even know you're causing further damage, you just don't know where to begin making changes.
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