Buckle up, because almost everything I offer is free. ("Buckle up" was a weird choice of words.) Anyway, you can...

  • Visit my blog for tons of info-dense writing.
  • Sign up for my mailing list on the free resources page to get instant access to the written guide, "10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Diagnosed with TMD"
  • Sign up for my free webinar TMD Triage a.k.a. The Chronic Illness Pep Talk (link coming soon)
  • Follow TMDsupport.com's social media feeds (also found on the free resources page) I post all kinds of things, at least once a week. Things like soft food recipes, lists of treatments to try (some of which you've probably never heard of), home remedies for muscle aches, fatigue and migraines personally tested by Audrey. Just...stuff aplenty.

Planning menus and grocery lists can be overwhelming for anyone, when your diet is suddenly restricted to soft foods? Yeesh. It took me years to get my new routine down, but I don't want it to take so long for you.

So I'm sharing the simple meal and menu-planning resource I use for myself. It helps you make shopping lists and menu plans that follow your new soft diet. Oh, and guess what else? I added a list of anti-inflammatory foods. Add those to your diet every week and you're doing double good. 

And? I'm vegan. So all the choices are extremely healthy. (Fear not, the plan is perfectly adaptable for you carnivores.) If you follow through with this for 30 days straight, you're not only going to relieve some of the pain in your face, you'll also very likely lose weight and feel a lot better. ("Face pain," is such an unfortunately funny way to say that, but it is what it is.)

Oh! And I post a lot of food stuff on my Insta if you ever need ideas. Beware, I share the ocassional makeup-less selfie.

In this one on one, intensive phone call, you'll get concrete steps and measurable goals you can begin working toward immediately to improve your life. This mini life-coaching session is for you if: 

  • you've been diagnosed and just don't have a clue where to begin making changes
  • you're in a state of avoidance, paralyzed by the fear of a life-changing diagnosis

At the end of our hour together, you'll walk away with:

  • A list of priorities and to-do's
  • Suggested short term and long-term changes + treatment ideas
  • The "How to Plan 30 Days of Soft Food in 30 Minutes" digital download
  • Some legit sympathy from a fellow sufferer (That's me!)
  • Ongoing admission to TMDsupport's closed facebook group (i.e. a community who understand you and your diagnosis and symptoms)

UPDATE: The only slots left for June and July 2017 are on Tuesdays. More will open in August.



A 6 Week, in-depth group class that will help you implement a long-term plan for your life post-diagnosis. 

If you've been diagnosed recently and you're still in (perfectly natural) freak-out mode, if you've been living with TMD or other chronic illness forever and you're just worn down, this class is a great option for you.

This is something I wish I would've had when I was diagnosed. I had to do everything the hard way. All the research, all the planning...I had to overhaul my life by trial and error. Now I'm sharing how I did, down to the super specifics, with other people. TMD is scary enough, you shouldn't have to figure everything out alone.

With the support of a closed, private group, we'll walk step by step together through weekly, topic-specific modules to learn how to transform your life from diet to exercise and yeah...all the way up to that scary "c word"...career.