"10 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was Diagnosed with TMD" is a real panic-stopper. It's a guide I wrote specifically for:

  • those of you avoiding diagnoses because you're afraid of what it might mean, or... 
  • anyone who has been recently diagnosed and want to know what to expect.

It gives you a list of types of doctors and practitioners you should visit asap and why. It clears up misconceptions about TMD (tmj, tmjd, bruxism, etc.) and most importantly, it gives you HOPE. You'll receive it automatically when you sign up for my mailing list. For more free stuff, keep scrolling!

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You can also check out the TMDsupport blog for high-value, information dense, super in-depth articles. For more free stuff, check out my social networking pages! They're super full of helpful, free, thorough information, ideal if you're like me and don't mind compiling your own research.

Here's a specific breakdown of how I use social networking for TMDsupport.com:

INSTAGRAM - Soft diet ideas and recipes, reposts from other accounts I think might help you (@the-migraine-life, @migraine_support) pictures of various types of treatments (including my personal doctors and therapists) and more. 

TWITTER - Memes, friendship and TMD real talk. Twitter is sort of my emotional lifeline, a place where I find a lot of support from the chronic illness community.

FACEBOOK - TMDsupport has a public facebook page and several private facebook groups. Right now, the public version is helping me spread the word about TMD. The private groups are a place where my clients and students can gather to be totally transparent, get treatment ideas, and encouragement. I frequent the groups a lot and answer as many questions as I can.

PINTEREST - Everything on my Pinterest page has been tried and tested by me and brought me some form of relief. I'm also working with a designer to create lots of original content coming soon!