Warning About TMJ! If Your Jaw Clicks or Aches, Please Read This!

This is the pdf you'll see if you Google "tmd" or "tmj".

This is the pdf you'll see if you Google "tmd" or "tmj".

So many people turn to Google, WebMD and other self-diagnosing tools for help with "tmj" because they don't view it as a serious condition.

With healthcare being so expensive, most people would put a sore jaw really low on their list of priorities. Especially after they Google it and see quotes on the pdf that say "imaging not required". Please know that's not always true! I thought it was and it's why I now have an acute, permanent condition.

Maybe I commented on an Instagram post of yours, and you're all, "Who is this random weirdo?" Or maybe you clicked on the link on my about page. However you got here, if you click away in two seconds, if you take anything away from this entire site, I'll say it one more time:

If you have TMJ, you need to get treatment now! It can get so much more serious than you've been told.

I just saw a video of a woman online clicking her jaw and asking for recommendations. 99% of the comments were telling her it was funny, normal and "no big deal". I used to click mine almost as a gross-out party trick (okay...so I'm kind of a weirdo) and now I have no cartilage in the left side of my jaw.

Guys...I used to be a professional performer and this disorder cost me all my jobs. I spend the majority of my time now in chronic pain. Don't cry for me, Argentina. I'm also a writer and I'm getting my new life figured out. But as for you...

Get thee to a doctor asap! Start by having your dentist take an x-ray and do an exam. They will probably have to send you to an orthodontist or a TMJ specialist if you do have it. That's a normal step in the process. Please, please take it to avoid the awful symptoms I have now, like bone and cartilage loss, arthritis, chronic pain, migraines and so much more.

Much love, take care of yourself and please be well!