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Mission Statement
Providing comfort, support and information from the patient-side of life with TMD. 

One Takeaway
If you read one article or take one thing away from TMDsupport.com, please let it be this: “Warning About TMJ, If Your Jaw Clicks or Aches, Please Read This!” (You can also check out my Hello Giggles article about how I ended up with TMD.)

About TMDsupport.com
My name is Audrey and I was diagnosed with Acute TMD in 2014. (Turns out, I had it my entire life and nobody noticed. This is a pretty common scenario. I'm guessing you're in the same boat.)

On my long, sometimes scary road through diagnosis and treatment, I looked for a website where I could get straightforward information in layman’s terms. (When I say scary…I mean they thought I had a brain tumor at one point.)

There’s so much info on the internet about how to make life easier with TMD. But it’s hard to find and even harder to know if it’s trustworthy. Why?

Though TMD is very common, most websites about it are associated with a specific product, doctor’s office or they promise a miracle cure. (Spoiler alert: That doesn’t exist.) Basically, the majority of pages I found were thinly veiled advertisements. I needed a website that provided trustworthy, realistic information from the patient-side of life.

When I couldn’t find it, I created TMDsupport.com. I recently moved from blogger to Wordpress to Squarespace in a pretty short amount of time, which pretty much brings us up to speed.

About Audrey

And oh yeah...I change my hair a lot.

And oh yeah...I change my hair a lot.

Audrey began writing professionally in 2007 for magazines like Geek Monthly, Attractions Magazine, Animation World and more. She produced and edited stories for Indiana Public Radio while earning her MA in creative writing.

After graduating in 2011, she wrote and directed for TV in Florida and sold two screenplays. She has also written and directed short films for LA Comedy Fest, the Spooky Empire Film Festival, the Short Sweet FilmFest and the Tampa Bay Film Festival. 

Most recently, she spent three years as a digital puppeteer in the burgeoning simulation industry in Florida and San Francisco. (If you imagine working in the holodeck, you’re pretty close.) She created professional, clinical and academic simulation scenarios for TeachLive and Mursion. She also wrote client communications, training materials and assisted the Director of Training.

She is currently a contributor for Hello Giggles. You can also find her at BornForGeekdom.netAudreyWrites.com and AudreyBrown.net.